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The Box Office Blues

The Box Office Blues

The Box Office Blues While the summer continues to take its toll on ice cream cones, the backs of beachgoers’ necks, and Donald Trump’s political capital, it seems to have found its greatest delight in looting the coffers of theaters everywhere. The past several months

Montreal’s New Bridge

Montreal’s New Bridge  It goes without saying that Montreal’s winters are long and severe, not for the faint of heart. But while we cover ourselves in our coats, struggle to trudge up Rue Peel without slipping, and see just how far the Underground City will

The Case for Basic Income

The Case for Basic Income

Automation is inevitable. Already, millions of people are losing their jobs to robots and artificial intelligence that can do tasks more efficiently and less expensively than humans. This past April the Senior Deputy Governor of the Bank of Canada, Carolyn Wilkins, stated that while Canada

Are News Algorithms Friend or Foe?

Our generation is notoriously known for information overload. Our lives are intertwined with social media platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram, and at this point it is impossible to open your phone without seeing either a local news notification on your home screen, or Snapchat

This Is How Your Habits Are Formed

Much of our daily life is permeated by behaviors we are so used to we hardly consider them individually anymore. Do you get hungry and eat dinner at around the same time every night? Do you brush your teeth every morning when you wake up? What