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Rio Olympics: A Crisis

Rio de Janeiro: October 2, 2009. Brazil is announced the host of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. Back then the country was booming economically. It was endowed with an expanding middle class, hosted the FIFA World Cup in 2014, and had beat out Chicago, Madrid,


Rule Britannia, not Euphoria

There has arguably been Eurosceptic sentiment in Britain, irrespective of the degree, since Britain’s entry into the European Economic Community in January 1973. Britain has since then had varying relationships with its European counterparts; some of these relationships involving a considerable amount of tension and


The Panama Papers and how they affect you

The Panama Papers: a sensational headline screamed at the world by the 24/7 media news cycle, seemed to erupt like a volcano and dissipate as swiftly as it appeared. While recognized as a monumental reveal of millions of off-shore accounts administered by Mossack Fonseca, the

Rising Sea Levels and Real Estate

Rising Sea Levels and Real Estate

Donald Trump just can’t seem to stop thinking about walls. In addition to his proposed U.S.-Mexico border wall, Mr. Trump recently applied for permission to build another wall on one of his own seaside golf resorts in Ireland. This wall, however, is not for keeping


To “Brexit” or “Bremain?”

To Brexit or Bremain? With June 23rd just a few short weeks away, the UK’s referendum on whether or not to keep its European Union membership has been an increasingly hot topic, stirring global economic debate. Supporters of the so-called Brexit, short for “British exit,” believe

Tax Inversion

Playing the Blame Game around Tax Inversions

Playing the Blame Game around Tax Inversions The following monetary statistics are all measured in USD. In the 1950s, one-third of the United States federal government’s revenues came from taxes on corporate profits and this proportion has diminished to one-tenth ever since. The majority of