Rewrite The Definition of Success

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In a business world that is dominated by men in director positions, there is no time like the present for women to continue paving their way in the business world. It is not necessary for women to become increasingly present in the C-Suite, but it is necessary for women to achieve success by other means; it is time for women to be their own boss.

In 1998, only one woman led a Fortune 500 company. While this number has increased, it is not by an astonishing number. In 2014, only 5.2% of Fortune 500 CEOs were women. The growth trajectory has not been substantial, so it is time to reassess what constitutes success.

Many women have taken it upon themselves to own their own businesses and participate in business in unconventional ways. The definition of success is no longer being the CEO of a large, publicly traded company. What constitutes success has been expanded to include other factors such as technological development or the creation of an entrepreneurial venture. Women have different goals and paths and will usually take the road less travelled to achieve their own definition of success.

The goals of many businesswomen often include flexibility, work-life balance, quality of life and passion for their work. By rewriting the rules of success, there is less emphasis on women being forced to shatter the glass ceiling in order to move up the corporate ladder.

The 2015 State of Women-Owned Business report estimates that there are more than 9.4 million women-owned U.S. firms, employing over 7.9 million employees (excluding owners), and providing one in seven jobs in the privately-owned business sector. These are amazing statistics that prove that women are paving their way in historically male-dominated areas.

By holding women to a standard beyond the C-Suite definition of success, women will likely feel more empowered to strive for their own definition of success and excel in doing so. It is not integral for women to break the prevalent glass ceiling anymore. Women will flourish in an environment that is conducive to their values and sometimes the best place to find the best fit is to create their own business. Women should feel empowered to be their own boss, build their own company from the ground up, and pave their own path.


Written by: Brodie Kirsh|LinkedIn



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