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Rewrite The Definition of Success

In a business world that is dominated by men in director positions, there is no time like the present for women to continue paving their way in the business world. It is not necessary for women to become increasingly present in the C-Suite, but it

Scotland: A Year Later

Friday 18th September marked a year since Scotland voted on whether it was to become an independent country. To this day, many wonder just how far exactly the United Kingdom has come in those twelve months. The deafening hype over the matter back then, was

The Costs of Legalizing Uber in Montreal

The San Francisco technological company Uber Technologies Inc. with the slogan “available locally, expanding globally” has reached over 60 countries — yet the legal status of Uber is still the subject of debate in Montreal. Uber is currently in a legal limbo status; it is

Constant Advancement of Electric Cars

Electric car production is not a fad — it is a growing industry. Tesla motors have started, what some would call, a revolution in car manufacturing; they have accelerated the industry beyond investor expectations. This industry is growing both in the US and all across North America. The

Volkswagen Scandal: The Demise of Diesel

Only a few weeks ago, the infamous Volkswagen scandal was at the hub of every conversation. News stations all over the United States blew up as the US Environmental Protection Agency discovered that hundreds of thousands of Volkswagen vehicles are currently emitting over 40 times

Women In Law: Part One

In the United States women make up a measly 34% of practicing lawyers, as reported by the American Bar Association, and Canada is only marginally better with women 37% of practicing lawyers, as reported by the Law Society of BC. This vastly underrepresents the patterns