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The Box Office Blues

The Box Office Blues

The Box Office Blues While the summer continues to take its toll on ice cream cones, the backs of beachgoers’ necks, and Donald Trump’s political capital, it seems to have found its greatest delight in looting the coffers of theaters everywhere. The past several months

Montreal’s New Bridge

Montreal’s New Bridge  It goes without saying that Montreal’s winters are long and severe, not for the faint of heart. But while we cover ourselves in our coats, struggle to trudge up Rue Peel without slipping, and see just how far the Underground City will

Is This The End of Polling?

The Alberta elections in Canada, California’s governor elections, the Tory victory in Britain, Brexit, and the Trump victory are just a few examples of how pollsters all around the world have been disappointing us. While the growing failure of polling is only now becoming a

Rise of the Machine: China’s Robotic Revolution

Factories in China have begun replacing humans with robots. The appetite for European-made industrial robots is rapidly growing, as rising wages, a shrinking workforce, and cultural changes drive more Chinese businesses towards automation. Recently, China showcased its burgeoning robot industry at the 2016 World Robot