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Crypto-Currency: Don’t Burst Your Own Bubble

When people think about financial market bubbles, a few infamous examples instantly come to mind. Financial economists often name history’s first speculative bubble as tulip-mania. This event occurred in Holland during a 3-year period between 1634 and 1637, where the price of tulips rose to

Chinese Industrial Espionage

Chinese Industrial Espionage

Chinese Industrial Espionage Both civilian and military intelligence divisions of the Chinese Government have been caught spying on and stealing trade secrets from corporations in the United States and Europe in order to reap the benefits of foreign innovation themselves. Joint R&D ventures between domestic

How Fintech Will Change Banking

How often do you go to the bank? Your parents’ answer would be at least once a month, perhaps even once a week. However, to the younger generation, the answer is almost never. To physically go into a banking institution is an outmoded practice, something