Constant Advancement of Electric Cars

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Electric car production is not a fad — it is a growing industry. Tesla motors have started, what some would call, a revolution in car manufacturing; they have accelerated the industry beyond investor expectations. This industry is growing both in the US and all across North America. The electric car industry is growing, and at a very rapid pace. Many well known car manufacturers are now entering the game with their versions of a luxury electric car to combat the Tesla model S.

A Tesla competitor, Audi, has unveiled the sporty answer to Tesla’s model S. Audi’s R8 e-tron which has been in production and planning for six years. Audi has unveiled version 2.0, this new and improved version which has a top speed of 155 mph. The R8 e-tron can accelerate to 62 mph in a blistering 3.2 seconds. This practical electric car can also travel 280 miles on a single charge. Further, this is a huge upgrade from the previous version, which had a range of less than 150 miles; also it took 5.2 seconds to reach 62 mph. These vast improvements to Audi’s R8 e-tron has demonstrated that electric cars are slowly overcoming their petrol powered cousins.

This industry is constantly reinventing itself. Starting with the bold move from Tesla Motors to kick start a new industry of reliable and sustainable automobiles. Now, the industry has grown to prove that it is a viable competitor to the industry of petroleum powered cars. Tesla Motors had the first mover advantage, and is using new technologies to create a less expensive electric automobile with longer range. This first mover advantage allows Tesla Motors to spread across the US and Canada. In upcoming years this industry will grow at blistering speeds, showcasing new technologies and new forms of transportation which were previously inconceivable. Many well established car manufacturers are realizing a huge shift to the electric car industry. Therefor, they are investing large amounts of capital to grow their stake in this growing industry. One example being Audi’s R8 e-tron. This sustainable industry will thrive very well in the ever expanding Canadian economy. Tesla will focus on the North American market while constantly improving their revolutionary products.

By: Peter Fojtu


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