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The Rapunzels of Venezuela

The Rapunzels of Venezuela

Venezuela; a country full of culture, history, and oil. With greater oil reserves than Saudi Arabia, Venezuela should have, at most, a moderately prosperous economy. Instead, it has one of the world’s fastest contracting economies, the second highest murder rate, inflation heading towards 1,000%, and

Is This The End of Polling?

The Alberta elections in Canada, California’s governor elections, the Tory victory in Britain, Brexit, and the Trump victory are just a few examples of how pollsters all around the world have been disappointing us. While the growing failure of polling is only now becoming a

Rise of the Machine: China’s Robotic Revolution

Factories in China have begun replacing humans with robots. The appetite for European-made industrial robots is rapidly growing, as rising wages, a shrinking workforce, and cultural changes drive more Chinese businesses towards automation. Recently, China showcased its burgeoning robot industry at the 2016 World Robot