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Is This The End of Polling ?

The Alberta elections in Canada, California’s governor elections, the Tory victory in Britain, Brexit, and the Trump victory are just a few examples of how pollsters all around the world have been disappointing us. While the growing failure of polling is only now becoming a

MSBR MEETS: Alison Murray, Q.C.

Born and raised in Vancouver Alison Murray graduated with a B.A from UBC in 1979, then UBC’s Allard Hall School of Law in 1982 and was swiftly called to the Bar in 1983. Her success goes far beyond the courthouse as she achieved QC status

Technology – The Future of Business

My Technology Perspective: For as long as I can remember, I have always loved technology. I attribute this significantly to my father, who has spent the greater part of his life using technology to do “transformative stuff”, whether it be founding a new Bluetooth start